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The Camp musical Père Lindsay, founded in 1967, was born out of a passion for music and the desire to share it with others. Discovering music is at the heart of the philosophy put forward by Camp founder Father Fernand Lindsay.

The Camp musical, a non-profit organization, allows young musicians aged 9 to 16 (7 to 16 during the 1rst session) to broaden their horizons by experiencing, exploring and sharing various aspects of music while having fun in a beautiful outdoor setting. The Camp’s mission is simple: to make a lot of music and to share it with others. The Camp musical aims to give young musicians a comprehensive vision of music by exploring a wide variety of musical styles and instruments in addition to their own.

Very few changes have been made to Father Lindsay’s approach over the years, and with good reason: the young participants are thrilled with their camp experience and go home promising to come back next year, which many of them do!

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