Arrival times

Useful information for campers and parents

 COVID-19: To reduce the risk of contagion, it is recommended to bring only what is strictly necessary.

Don’t forget to bring a bathing suit, shorts, pants, warm clothes, sneakers, pyjamas, a raincoat, rubber boots, concert clothes, towels, wash cloths and toiletries.

  • COVID-19 measure: The camper will have to keep his personal belongings and clothes in his bag and bring a pillow case to deposit his dirty laundry day by day.
  • Don’t forget to bring a pillow, sheets and blankets or a sleeping bag.

    Violin, viola, cello, double bass: instrument, rosin, extra set of strings, nail clippers.

    Guitar : instrument, extra set of strings, nail clippers, foot rest.

    Percussion : drum sticks.

    All instruments: sheet music learned during the year, pencils, metronome.

    No need at the camp except for the purchase of stamps.
    Optional: T-shirts (new ones $15 or old ones $10), sweater (new ones $45 or old ones $25), towel ($20), pillowcase ($15) CMPL cap ($20) taxes included

    Don’t forget to bring a flashlight, water bottle, sunscreen and insect repellent (preferably friendly to the environment).

    We advise you not to bring expensive electronic devices such as digital cameras, games or communication devices. A camper that wants to bring a cellphone will have to remove the SIM card. In the event of loss or theft, the Camp assumes no responsibility.

    Details regarding arrival (Sunday) and departure (Saturday) will be specified on the document sent to all parents a few days befor arrival at the camp.

    Each camper must bring at least seven face coverings (one per day), mostly for indoor activities with the teachers. It can be a cloth mask or a “hospital” type.

    Important: For hygiene reasons and to manage the risk of allergies, campers are not permitted to bring sweets or snacks into the cottages. Meals brought to the camp for campers with serious allergies will be kept in the cafeteria.