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Scholarship and financial aid programme for campers

Father Fernand Lindsay had at heart to promote the accessibility to the greatest number of young musicians in Quebec to the activities of the Camp musical Père Lindsay, on the basis of their talent rather than the financial means of their family.

This is why, thanks to the Fondation Père Lindsay, in 1996, the Campers’ Scholarship and Financial Aid Programme was created. Since then, close to $1 million has been awarded to 2000 campers over the years.

Through this programme, young people from all regions of Quebec and from diverse cultural backgrounds can have access to the Camp’s activities. Last year, 120 campers, or approximately 20% of the registered musicians, received a scholarship or financial support to attend the Camp, which represented a total contribution of $70,000.

Component I: Financial Aid

To apply for financial aid to cover a portion of the cost of your child’s stay, please complete your child’s online registration, then when checking out, please select the Scholarships and Financial Aid payment option. The amount you may receive in financial aid will be applied to your account at a later date and you will be able to pay the balance when you receive the payment notice. Please also complete the Financial Aid Application Form and send it to the Secretariat along with the other required supporting documents.

Please note that the financial assistance component is only for low-income families living in Quebec*. Applications are evaluated, among other things, on the basis of the number of people per family and gross family income. There is no deadline for applying for financial assistance, but amounts are allocated in order of receipt until the funds are fully used. To find out if your family is eligible, please contact the secretariat.

Many thanks to the Fondation Père Lindsay for funding the financial aid applications.

*Includes Canadian citizens and permanent or temporary residents of Quebec who are living in Quebec at the time of application and during the planned stay at the Camp musical.

Special program: Destination C.A.M.P.

Since 2022, the Camp musical Père Lindsay is a proud partner of the Destination CAMP program which aims to develop self-confidence, autonomy, motivation and perseverance.

This program is offered to young people aged 11 to 17 living in Quebec who wish to attend a certified summer camp for several summers and aims to

Support financially the participation of young people from all over Quebec who would not otherwise be able to afford to go to camp.
Offer participants the opportunity to discover and practice a variety of outdoor activities outside their usual living environment.
To equip young people in such a way as to promote their personal development and positive civic involvement.

Although the Destination C.A.M.P. program matches youth with the camps independently, you can request to be matched with the Camp musical when you register for the program. Space is limited and conditions apply.

For more information, click here

Component II: Merit-based scholarship

Several scholarships for outstanding young musicians are offered by the Camp musical Père Lindsay to music schools, music competitions or festivals including:

  • Concours Inter Élèves de l’École de musique Vincent-d’Indy
  • École Arthur-Vaillancourt 
  • École de musique de Verdun
  • École de musique Fernand-Lindsay
  • École des Jeunes de la Faculté de musique de l’Université de Montréal
  • École Félix-Leclerc
  • École Joseph-François-Perrault
  • École Marguerite-De-Lajemmerais
  • Ensemble guitares du Collège Champagneur
  • Concours Solistes et petits ensembles de la FHOSQ
  • Festival et Concours de musique classique de Lanaudière
  • Festival Clermont-Pépin
  • Festival de piano de Gatineau du Conservatoire de musique de Gatineau
  • La Journée du Cor

Consult the program of these organizations for more information.

Component III: Summer Camper Scholarships

The camp also awards merit-based, juried scholarships at the end of each of the four summer sessions:

  • Excellence Scholarship (value of $1000) awarded to the young musician who has distinguished himself/herself the most by his/her virtuosity and beautiful predispositions*.
  • Teacher’s Scholarship (value of $500) awarded to the camper who has been the favorite of the teachers, both for his or her talent and personality*.
  • Camp Counselors’ Scholarship ($500 value) awarded by the camp counselors based on the social skills and active participation of a camper*.
  • Group course bursary ($100) awarded to the student who has demonstrated excellent participation in the artistic group courses.
  • Composition Scholarship ($50) awarded to the camper whose musical creation performed in front of his or her peers was the most outstanding.

*These scholarships are applicable to a subsequent summer session and are not transferable.

Our partners and generous donors who contribute to the Scholarship and Financial Assistance Program for Campers are committed to helping low-income families and developing the talent of promising young musicians.

Companies, foundations, music lovers, do like them and support the development of young musicians!

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The Camp musical thanks you for supporting its educational and musical mission.

Camper, 15 years old, singing.
“…When I received the Merit Scholarship last Saturday, it was with a mixture of immense astonishment and excitement. I think that such encouragement from the beginning of my work gave me more confidence in my abilities and the desire to persevere and to continue in music. Besides, after two fantastic weeks at the camp, how could I possibly stop?”

Grandmother of a camper, 14 years old, singing.
“…Thanks to your generosity, you have helped my 14 year old grandson to gain confidence in himself through singing at Camp Musical Père Lindsay. It was a very nice vacation for him and a nice rest for me. With all my heart I thank you and I pray for you!”

Father of a camper, 14 years old, piano.
“…Your help has been greatly appreciated and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You are generous donors and your gesture towards us makes a big difference in the lives of our children who can then exercise and practice the activities of their dream and lifetime. The credit for the gratitude goes to you…”.

Mother of a camper, 13 years old, violin.
“…As we picked up [our son] this past weekend, the first thing he asked before greeting us was the urgent question, ‘Can I come back next year?’ During the closing performance, the room was buzzing with energy and love. We all came away transformed, enriched and inspired. Thank you so much for making this possible for my son…”.

Mother of a camper, 11 years old, violin.
“… [My son] loved the camp: the site, the music lessons, the concerts, the outdoor activities, his friends. […] He came back very motivated, having learned great things and already thinking about going back next year! He even offered to play his violin in the subway to raise money to help pay for his stay! Thanks to the foundation for encouraging children who may be less fortunate on a socio-economic level, but who have just as much talent and passion for music…”.

Camper, 15 years old, piano.
“…Since I have dreamed of becoming a pianist and composer since I was a child, the camp is an exceptional environment for me to perfect my many skills in preparation for my career path. The road to becoming a musician is long and difficult, but with support like this generous scholarship you have offered me, my goals are more attainable…”.


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