Management team

The management team supervises operations during the year and in the summer months.

Marie-Christine CoulombeGeneral Manager
Marie-Christine Coulombe, General Manager of the Camp musical Père Lindsay, facilitates all operations and provides guidance with respect to the Camp’s pedagogical orientations.
Hubert Tanguay-LabrosseCamp Manager
As the Camp Manager, Hubert Tanguay-Labrosse oversees all aspects of day-to-day operations of the musical camp activities.
vacantAuberge du lac Priscault coordinator
Coordination of the lodging activities (cottage rental) from September to June.

The Camp musical Père Lindsay’s Board of Directors

The Camp musical Père Lindsay is a non-profit organization governed by a 11-member Board of Directors. All of the Board members are volunteers, and many are former campers. They all hold music, young people and Father Lindsay’s mission dear to their heart.

Members of the Board of Directors

Pierre Dufresne, president Yolande Gaudreau
Jacques Raymond, secretary  Isabelle Houle
Marie-Hélène Dionne, vice-president Lucie Laliberté
René Martin, treasurer Vincent Perreault
Simon Boudreault Louis-Charles Ratelle
Sylvie Bourassa