Fernand Lindsay

The Camp musical Père Lindsay was founded by Father Fernand Lindsay.

Father Lindsay wanted to offer young musicians who were too young to attend the Orford Arts Centre Academy (for students aged 16 and older) a place close to home where they could study music intensively in the summer months.

He had been involved in promoting the performance of classical music with Jeunesses Musicales, and had created the Festival-Concours, which encourages young people to make music. Father Lindsay was determined to continue what he had started, and he had a plan: it was time to start teaching!

He joined the Clerics of St. Viateur and devoted his life to teaching young people. He carried out his mission both in the classroom and outside of the college. For Father Lindsay, teaching music was much more than a job: it was a calling. He lived and breathed music; it was his life.

The Camp musical Père Lindsay (1967)

In 1967, Father Lindsay shared his idea with two of his long-time friends, Fernand Houle and Julien Raymond. They were thrilled with the project, and approached Sister Lucille, who ran a camp for girls at Lac-des-Baies in Saint-Côme. Sister Lucille agreed to let Father Lindsay set up a camp on the other side of the lake, on the shore opposite the girls’ camp.

In no time at all, the camp was ready to welcome 19 budding musicians for a 15-day experience at what was to become the Camp musical Père Lindsay.

That was the summer of 1967.

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