Public health guidelines (updated June 7th, 2021)

These public health guidelines were published in May (updated in June) and it is on this basis that we propose a program adapted for the summer of 2021, following the recommendations made by the Health and Safety Committee and the Educational Committee of the Camp musical. Some rules may be relaxed before the sessions start and we will let you know a few days prior to arrival. But until then, we ask you to be aware of these instructions and restrictions before registration.

Prior to arrival

  • 5-day preventive isolation recommended before arrival for all campers without a first dose of COVID-19 vaccine
  • Mandatory negative result of a PCR test** done in a screening clinic 48 hours before arrival (in the care of parents)
  • Autoevaluation of symptoms related to COVID-19 on the day of arrival

During the camp

  • Bubble/chalet organization
  • Daily symptom screening
  • Gargle test screening if symptoms related to COVID-19 appear (in the care of the Camp)
  • Mandatory face covering if physical distancing is not possible between campers or employees of different bubbles
  • Immediate isolation of a camper or staff member with a new symptom associated with COVID-19
  • Plus: vaccination of young people aged 12 and over before the music session

After the camp

  • Monitoring of symptoms by parents
  • In case of symptoms, the parent completes the self-assessment tool or contacts 1-877-644-4545 and follows the instructions provided.

**Exclusion from testing for fully protected persons. A person is considered to be fully protected if:

  • He received his second dose of vaccine 7 days ago or more.
  • He had an episode of COVID-19 for 6 months or less.
  • He had an episode of COVID-19 for over 6 months and received a dose of vaccine 7 days or more ago. The vaccine must have been given at least 21 days after the onset of their COVID-19 symptoms (or the date of the screening if asymptomatic).

Workshops and activities at all sessions

  • Individual instrument lessons
  • Introduction to the musical repertoire
  • Introduction to a lyrical work
  • Supervised musical practice
  • Choir
  • Workshops with camp counsellors
  • Dance
  • Theater and Improvisation
  • Sports and games
  • Swimming

Typical one-day schedule

        • Breakfast
        • Choir
        • 3 group workshops
        • Private lessons / practice
        • Lunch
        • 1 group workshops
        • Private lessons / practice
        • Games and sports with camp counsellors
        • Swimming or free time
        • Dinner
        • Games with camp counsellors
        • Sleeping

NB : Some special activities such as concerts, campfires, hikes, etc. will also be included in the schedule during the week.


N.B.: Lessons of certain instruments will depend on the number of registrations.