Welcome to all music camp friends!

For more than 40 years, the Camp musical has been giving young people from 9 to 16 years old the chance to develop a love for music. The camp’s philosophy, put forth by Father Fernand Lindsay, is based on the discovery of music.

Initially called the Camp musical de Lanaudière, the camp’s long history began with the very first session in 1967. The two-week session consisted of 19 campers, 5 teachers and 2 cabins.

Today, the Camp musical Père Lindsay welcomes more than 500 campers over four sessions, more than a hundred teachers, 16 camp counsellors and close to 20 employees, all of whom are housed in 21 buildings.

We would like to give former campers the opportunity to take a walk down memory lane, and perhaps connect with some of their former Camp musical friends. Both new and former campers are welcome to view our archives and subscribe to the newsletter for former Camp musical Père Lindsay campers.

Our mission

To allow girls and boys aged 9 to 16 to further their personal growth through the study of classical music in a safe and educational environment.
To offer young people a program that includes both physical and pedagogical activities in individual and group settings supervised by trained and attentive staff members.
To maintain high-quality pedagogical supervision that is rigorous yet flexible, while respecting each student’s particular skills and learning pace.


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