The Camp musical is located on a magnificent site on the shore of Lac Priscault, a small, clear mountain lake that is a swimmer’s paradise. Campers enjoy the sandy beach that was built according to strict safety standards.


Campers’ dormitories

Campers are housed in six cabins (approximately a hundred beds in all) according to age and sex. A minimum of two counsellors sleep in each cabin.

 Pavillon Julien-Raymond

The campers, counsellors and teachers dine in a large, modern cafeteria.


An auditorium is used for choir and orchestra rehearsals, concerts and social activities.

Practice studios

Approximately 50 practice studios are located in the wooded area surrounding the cabins.

Auberge du Lac Priscault

The Auberge du Lac Priscault is nestled in the woods on the shore of Lac Priscault in Saint-Côme, in the Lanaudière region. It consists of four buildings: the Villa Cypihot (12 bedrooms with private bathrooms), the Villa Mantha (12 bedrooms with private bathrooms), the Chalet Quatre Saisons (six bedrooms) and the Chalet Imasco (2 bedrooms).


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