Youth Summer camps
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Youth Summer Camps

From June 25 to August 19, 2023
(2-week stays)

Experience a memorable journey in an enchanting setting!

The Summer sessions at Camp musical Père Lindsay offers campers, ages 8 to 17, to broaden their horizons by experiencing, exploring, and sharing various aspects of music while being encompassed in nature. The Camp’s mission is simple: to deepen music learning in a collaborative and nurturing environment . The Camp Musical Père Lindsay aims to give musicians a comprehensive vision of music by exploring a wide variety of musical repertoire which goes beyond their own instruments.

The Camp’s vision stayed integral to Father Lindsay’s approach over the years. Time shows our campers leave their session thrilled with promises to come back, which many do year after year!

With a unique program of musical, artistic and recreational activities, camp director Hubert Tanguay-Labrosse, experienced teachers and enthusiastic counselors offer a memorable vacation filled with discoveries, encounters and magical moments!

To learn more about the mission, principles and values of the Camp musical, click here.

Courses and activities


As per tradition, each day begins with a choir practice involving all campers accompanied by the counselors. Some of the choral pieces worked on during this class are presented at the final concert and are recorded and sent to parents at the end of the camp.


Each day, a period is reserved for listening to various musical works. During this course, they will discover the repertoire of one of the Orchestre Métropolitain’s concerts of the 2023-2024 season, which they are then invited to attend free of charge.


Each summer, campers have the opportunity to study a lyrical work that will be presented the following year at the Opéra de Montréal. During the year, the students are invited to attend the general performance of this work at Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier.

Individual Instrument Lessons

Each camper is followed by an experienced teacher for forty minutes a day, in one or two sessions. One or two periods of individual practice follow, depending on the level of the musician. More practice time can be arranged upon request with the teacher.

Orchestra and Chamber Music

The orchestra is offered mainly to the most advanced students during the second week of the stay, following informal auditions. Also, chamber music groups are formed among the most motivated campers and after discussion with their teacher.


A period of time during the day is reserved for group dancing. A special choreography for each age group is worked on throughout the stay so that campers can perform it for the other campers.

Theater Workshops

This workshop gives campers the opportunity to do group games, improvisation, pronunciation and presentation exercises.

Visual Arts Workshops

This workshop provides an opportunity for campers to explore various media and creative techniques, as well as to learn about the visual approach of different visual artists.

Session 1

Classical Guitar

Session 2

Classical Guitar

Session 3

Classical Guitar

Session 4

Double Bass
French Horn

 *Subject to change depending on the number of registrations

The Camp musical takes meticulous care to select excellent teachers who are both performers and teachers and who are committed to helping young musicians progress without pressure or competition.


The Camp assigns teachers based on the number of registrations per stay and tries to respect the assignment requests as much as possible. In the event that it is not possible to assign the desired teacher, you will be notified. Please note that the list of instruments offered and the list of teachers are subject to change depending on the number of registrations.

Standard Schedule
Campers are grouped into 6 groups according to age and level of musical experience. The schedule of classes and workshops varies according to the group. Here is a sample schedule:

07:15 AM : Wake Up
07:45 AM : Breakfast
08:15 AM : Choir
09:00 AM : Private lesson or practice time
09:45 AM : Repertoire
10:30 AM : Dance
11:15 AM : Visual Arts
12:00 PM : Swim Time (free period)
12:30 PM : Lunch Time
13:15 PM : Rest
14:00 PM : Opera
14:45 PM : Private lesson or practice time
15:30 PM : Swim Time (free period)
16:15 PM : Theatre
17:00 PM : Sports
17:45 PM : Mini concert
18:00 PM : Diner
19:00 PM : Games and activities with camp counselors and all campers

Schedule of the stay

Campers will have the opportunity to attend and participate in several concerts during their stay:

Mini concerts : Every day, during the period before dinner, campers can present a piece or an number of their choice, in solo or in group, in front of all the campers. 

Guest Artists Concerts: Campers will have the opportunity to attend two varied concerts by professional artists. The program will be posted a few weeks before the beginning of the summer. Admission to the Camp: $10/person (free for campers).

Mid-Camp Sunday Concert: Parents can visit their child during their stay on Mid-Camp Sunday. A musical gathering is scheduled for 11:30 a.m. during which some campers will perform solo or in groups. Afterwards, parents are invited to bring a picnic lunch to enjoy the site with their family.

Faculty Concert: Scheduled for Wednesday evening of week 2, the faculty concert is open to parents and guests who wish to attend. Admission: $10/person (free for campers).

End of Camp Concert: To end the camp on a high note, a concert will be held at the Saint-Alphonse-de-Rodriguez church on the last Saturday of the camp at 11:00 am. The program will include choral and orchestral pieces as well as some campers’ solo performance. For more information on the final concert and departure day, please consult the stay guide.

To see the complete program, click here.

  • Swimming
  • Hiking
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Striking bag
  • Other activities with camp counselors


Session 1 :

1525 $

Session 2 :

1540 $

Session 3 :

1540 $

Session 4 :

1565 $

(Rates include $150 non-refundable deposit and taxes)

What’s included in the fee:

  • Accommodation;
  • Meals;
  • Private instrument lessons;
  • Group lessons;
  • Recreational activities;
  • Concerts;
  • T-shirt;
  • Recordings of the piece played by the camper, as well as pieces learned in the choir and orchestra, the welcome and departure song of the camp counselors, available for download at the end of the session;
  • Invitation to the musical partners’ concerts during the year;
    Invitation to register in priority the following year;
    10% discount on a stay before July of the following year.

Siblings: A discount of $150 is applicable on all additional registrations made by the same family.

Additionnal sessions: A discount of $150 will be applied for those who wish to register for two summer sessions


The Fondation Père Lindsay, the Fonds Germaine-Gibara of the Fondation du Grand Montréal, Destination C.A.M.P., and other generous donors support a program designed to help low-income families.

To submit an application, please contact the Secretariat at 450 755-2496 or Conditions apply.

Registration is not official until full payment is received. The cost of the stay includes a non-refundable deposit of $150.


If you wish to receive a Relevé 24 for Child Care Expenses, you must provide us with your social insurance number. The document will be available on your online account before the end of February of the year following your child’s stay. You will receive a confirmation email when this is the case.

Please note that the amounts paid for child care expenses are divided into two categories:

  • Applicable child care fees on Statement 24;
  • The balance of the applicable fees for obtaining the tax credit for artistic activities, as shown on your official receipt.

The percentages, corresponding to the portion of child care expenses and the portion for the artistic component, vary from year to year and will be confirmed to you when you send in your tax documents.

Please note that the maximum deductible according to Revenu Québec is $125/child/week for daycare expenses. The amount of living expenses that we enter on the R24 usually exceeds the maximum deductible. Therefore, we encourage you to remember to claim the arts credit when preparing your income tax return. We have been following the recommendations of our CPA on this subject for many years, who is familiar with Camp and the tax rules that apply.

To learn more about the RL24, please visit the Revenu Québec website.

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Need help registering? Check out one of the following guides:

Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone at (450) 755-2496 or by email at for any questions or for assistance.


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Campers are accommodated in rooms of 4 to 8 places in the chalets Azimut, Grand Air, Horizon, Villa d’eau, Nid d’aigle, and Arc-en-son. The maximum capacity in summer is 140 campers.

The Camp allocates chalets according to age groups and the number of registrations per stay and tries to respect the requests of friends as much as possible.

Learn more

Useful information

The most recent guidelines to be followed during the summer sessions will be provided in May. The Camp musical is committed to following all required health guidelines in the best interest of all.

Parents are invited to visit their child during their stay on Mid-Camp Sunday. On this occasion, a musical gathering is planned at 11:30 am, either in the auditorium or outside. For your comfort, we recommend that you bring beach chairs. In case of rain or depending on the program, the gathering could also take place in the auditorium. This day is also a great opportunity to bring what you need to picnic on site with your child or to go off-site for a family activity. Please note that the cafeteria is reserved for staff or campers only. Campers must be back by 4:45 p.m. and parents must be out by that time. There will be activities organized by the counsellors for campers whose parents are unable to visit them.

NOTE: At all times, pets are not allowed on site.

Professional concerts are other opportunities for family and friends to visit campers, depending on the epidemiological situation at the time. The program will be posted around May. Admission: $10/person (free for the camper).

All campers are expected between 3:30 and 5:15 p.m. on the beginning Sunday of the session.

A camp counsellor will be at the entrance of the site to welcome you, to show you where to park and which chalet to go to. You will be able to meet your child’s counselor and choose a room and bed. Campers and their families are free to explore the site until 5:30 p.m. when dinner will be served to campers in the cafeteria.

A tour of the facilities for new campers and their families will be led by the camp director in the afternoon.

NOTE: pets are not allowed on site.

For more information regarding pre-arrival preparations, please consult the stay guide.

To end the camp on a high note, a concert will be held at Saint-Alphonse-Rodriguez Church on the last Saturday of the camp. For this occasion, you are invited to come to the Camp at 9:30 am to pick up your child(ren), as well as all his/her belongings (please note that we do not return any forgotten items). Then you all head to the church by 10:45am at the latest. The concert begins at 11:00 am and ends around 12:30 pm. Choir, orchestra and some campers will present solo performances.

For more information about the departure day, please consult the stay guide.

Photo gallery

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If the pandemic situation deteriorates between now and the beginning of the chosen session, can we cancel and get a refund?

If the pandemic situation deteriorates to the point that the session cannot be held, all campers will be refunded. Should Public Health guidelines in addition to those already stated make it impossible for campers to participate, they will be reimbursed.

Will the children be required to wear the mask?

In the event of symptoms or an outbreak in a chalet, the mask must be worn for the length of time recommended by the care manager. Please bring at least 15 masks (procedural or cloth) in your luggage. Please note that between now and the beginning of the summer, this procedure may change. You will be notified by email of the most recent guidelines to be followed during your stay at camp.

Do you manage the intake of prescription medications?

Yes, counselors will do this as needed, or even the caregiver, as appropriate. For more details, please refer to the Procedure for the Distribution and Administration of Medication.

How do you manage food allergies?

The Camp musical offers a nut and peanut free environment. For other food allergies or intolerances, please indicate this on the registration form. In the case of complex allergies, the camp reserves the right to ask parents to provide prepared meals to ensure the well-being and safety of the child. These will be kept in the cafeteria.

My child takes medication. What follow-up is done during his stay at Camp?

Can I register my child only for one week?

Priority is given to registrations for two-week stays. It will be possible, starting May 1, to register for a one-week stay only in the first session if there are still places available.

To register on the waiting list for a one-week stay at the first session, please contact the secretariat. We will contact you if a place is available.

My child is registered and wants to go to camp with a friend who is not registered. If the chosen session is full, can I get a refund?

We prefer to look for solutions: for example, we could place both youth in the same available session. It is also a good idea to join the waiting list for a full session, since places may become available between now and the date of the stay. If it turns out that the friend is not able to register for the same session, we assure you that your child will be well taken care of and will have fun!

Do you think you can offer teachers for all instruments?

This will depend on the number of registrations for each of these instruments. If there are very few registrations for a particular instrument, we will offer to move you to an available session, or we may suggest that you work with an experienced generalist teacher who can offer sound advice.

What is the expected level of learning to participate in the camp?

We welcome students of all levels. Although it is preferable to have a basic knowledge of one’s instrument, we occasionally welcome motivated beginners. Lessons are private and students are not in competition with each other.

Do I have to bring my instrument?

Yes, we have a good supply of pianos (!), but for other instruments, campers must bring them.

If you need something, please let us know when you register, we can help you out in some cases.

How do you handle fearful campers about their first two-week stay away from home?

New campers sometimes miss their parents if it is their first time away from home. Our team of experienced camp counsellors is used to dealing with this type of situation in order to reassure the youngsters. If necessary, the camp director will contact you so that you can talk to your child on the phone. It is recommended that parents of young campers send a letter and visit them on mid-stay Sunday. We encourage you to discuss this with your child before the camp. Please note that we only refund the stay for medical reasons.

Can my child contact me during their stay?

Campers may visit the front desk during office hours. The camp manager will assess the needs and contact you so that your child can speak to you on the phone, if necessary.

How can I reach my child during their stay?

You can send a letter or a postcard to your child at 100, rang Petit Beloeil, Saint-Côme (Québec) J0K 2B0. We cannot guarantee that he or she will receive it before the end of their stay. You can also write to the camp leader to ask about your child if you are worried at In case of emergency, you can also contact the reception office at 450 883-6024.

What are the certifications of the Camp musical and its team?

The Camp Musical Père Lindsay adheres to the highest standards of safety and good practices, both for its clients and its employees. It follows the certification reference guidelines of the Association des camps du Québec and the Corporation de l’industrie touristique du Québec (establishment no. 612555) and has drafted several policies related to its activities, particularly in the area of harassment prevention. The Camp Musical Père Lindsay is recognized and supported as an art training organization by the Ministère de la Culture et des Communications du Québec and has been rated “Accessible” by the Kéroul organization, as a tourist establishment adapted for people with reduced mobility.

The team of counselors is trained in the DAFA (Diplôme d’aptitude aux fonctions d’animateur) program, as well as in first aid. Among them are lifeguards who supervise the swimming periods.


If you have any questions, please contact the secretariat by email or by phone at (450) 755-2496.


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