Classes and activities – all summer sessions

  • Private lessons
  • Initiation to musical repertoire
  • Initiation to opera
  • Practice sessions
  • Choir
  • Composition on iPad workshops
  • Rhythm workshops
  • Theatre workshops
  • Orchestra
  • Dance

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To allow girls and boys aged 9 to 16 to further their personal growth through the study of classical music in a safe and educational environment.
To offer young people a program that includes both physical and pedagogical activities in individual and group settings supervised by trained and attentive staff members.
To maintain high-quality pedagogical supervision that is rigorous yet flexible, while respecting each student’s particular skills and learning pace.

Initiation to opera

Each year, campers get the opportunity to listen to and analyze a lyrical work presented by the Opéra de Montréal. The campers perform a short excerpt from the piece at the final concert.

Private Lessons

Each camper is paired with a teacher for private lessons on his or her instrument. The daily schedule includes one meeting with the private teacher and one or more periods of individual practice.

Initiation to musical repertoire

Every day, a period is dedicated to discovering a vast musical repertoire. Students learn about music of various styles and from all ages.


In keeping with tradition, each day begins with singing: all campers and counsellors come together as one large choir. The pieces learned in choir are performed at the final concert.


Dance is part of the daily routine. A choreography developed specifically for each age group is worked on throughout the session, and the groups present their dances at a gathering of all campers at the end of the session.


Most musicians attend two orchestra rehearsals a day. Depending on the session, campers take part in orchestra, the wind ensemble, the guitar ensemble or chamber music.

Rhythm and percussion workshop

Campers participate in a daily rhythm and percussion workshop.

Theatre workshop

A theatre workshop consisting of group activities, improvisation, vocal exercises and acting runs for one week.

Composition workshop

A one-week composition workshop allows students to learn what it’s like to be a composer, and to discover modern techniques for creating music.

Instruments taught

1st session 2e session 3e session 4e session
Piano Piano Piano Piano
Violin Violin Violin Violin
Viola Viola Viola Viola
Cello Cello Cello Cello
Flute Flute Recorder Doublebass
Classical guitar Classical guitar Voice Flute
Voice Voice Classical guitar Clarinet
Harpsicord  Percussion Harp Saxophone
Recorder Oboe
French Horn
Chamber music

Typical daily schedule

  • Breakfast
  • Choir
  • 3 group classes
  • 1 private lesson or individual practice session
  • Noon-hour break (swimming)
  • Lunch
  • 1 group class
  • 2 individual practice sessions or private lesson
  • Games and sports with counsellors
  • Afternoon break (swimming) and snack
  • Orchestra or games and sports (for those who do not participate in orchestra)
  • Supper
  • Evening games and activities with counsellors
  • Bedtime

Note: On Thursday afternoon of the first week and Wednesday afternoon of the second week, all campers participate in a group activity (campers – get ready for some exciting role-playing games!).